Privacy Policy / Use of Cookies


The Privacy of our visitors at TICKET to DRIVE.NET is very important to us, we will never sell your details or pass on to other companies.


Tracking Software

We do use tracking software as do most other websites like ours, this is to enable us to make the site as good as it can be, it helps us to keep the site safe and enjoyable. The sort of information that is tracked would be IP address, web browser, country and the time of visit, we would never know your phone number or address unless that was supplied to us by yourself.


We do use cookies again as do most web sites, this helps to load pages quicker and remember log in details so enhances the users experience, we want our users to enjoy the site and come back again.  You can choose to stop your browser from downloading cookies by going to the security section in your browser and disable the cookies from downloading, this however may hinder you on sites where your login information is automatically accessed, most web sites use cookies to help the end user experience. 

Regards: Roy …